Sell Your Home Faster


Sell Your Home Home Faster

The first impression  when selling your home should be the best impression. Buyers can get easily discouragedand,  not give it a second chance. Here is a checklist made to help you find areas that with a little effort you can enhance the look of your home to the buyers. As you drive up to your home from the street look at your house. What do you notice? Garbage cans along the side of your home? Weeds growing wild? Driveway with oil stains? Paint that is pealing? This is just a few things that buyers see as they approach your home. Even if these items don't seem like much, it can give the buyer a second thought of spending time to look at the rest of the house. Here are some of the items that can be improved with little expense, and can make a difference in selling your home. Have your home inspected buy a Licensed Professional Home Inspector before finding a buyer, a Home Inspector can find areas that can create expensive negotiations and slow down the sale.


  • Keep the lawn mowed and trim all vegetation.
  • Keep garbage pails out of site (in garage or in the back)
  • Keep driveway clean
  • Garage door should be closed! Cluttered garages make the home seem smaller
  • Make the front look appealing with some inexpensive potted plants, this will say that this is a home not just a house.

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