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In most parts of the country, real estate agents give their clients the names of several home inspectors. Safeguard Home Inspections  clients   goes through a very simple process from the first time they call us to the follow-up survey. We have a file that takes all the information and goes into our program. By doing this we call the agent to make sure we can get into the home and that the gas,electric, water,and the rest of the utilities are on. We make sure by confirming that time,location,date, is set.  Setting expectations is important for our clients satisfaction. Most home buyers are perplexed and confused, by the process of buying a home. The more we educate our clients upfront the better they will understand down the line.

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Information and Scheduling

 It's significant that Safeguard home inspections gets information before arriving at the property. Starting with the initial contact from the agent,  when the client is making an inspection appointment. We get to know what there concerns and issues are. I look over the inspection details the evening before. Being that we have done inspections for some time in this area. I know the neighborhoods and there issues. Most of the time we book an inspection for about tree hours, because you never know what you will find until you show up at the property. I do not like to rush through an inspection do to lack of time. We get cell numbers from both client and agent and we let then know if we are running late and when we will arrive. 

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Every inspector has his/her own way of doing a physical home inspection. The key is system. Safeguard home inspections has built a system that allows us to adequately view the property and identify issues. I try to get to the inspection site first before agents and clients so that i can make some pre-planning, for roof access if possible ,i also start itemizing issues that will need further inspection,such as hazards like overhead wirers. If the client and agent have not arrived yet, i start taking pictures of the exterior of the house, documenting photos as part of my system. In a small home inspection i take about 210 pictures, and use what ever is necessary in the report. At times clients forget in what condition the house was, but if there is something they  disagree  on with the condition they can see it in the pictures. The environment of when we do our inspection can't be controlled, but we can master the inspection process so we can perform it regardless of the environment

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