Safeguard Home inspection is a full service company, serving Staten island, Brooklyn, Long island, Queens, Manhattan. The president of the company dose the home inspection him self , and with over 30 years of home construction experience under his belt , and also a member of the plumbers union local 1 in New York .And is a TERMITE inspector licensed from N.Y.S.DEC.

Anyone can read a book and pass a test, what really maters and is important is the experience prior being a home inspector. I'm sure you would not want a bank teller or a baker, do the home inspection for you! and that is why Safeguard has the experience and knowledge to do the job right.  

Our inspector also does continuous education in the home inspection field .

Now put all that together and you have a home inspection done right.

By the end of the home inspection theres a chance you will know more about the house then the owner .



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