There are plenty of reasons to have Safeguard perform a professional Inspection on a brand new home that you are buying.

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The majority of new homeowners never had a home inspection done on their new home! Thinking this is a new house nothing should be wrong, and after moving in they found major defects. Buying a new house is probably one of the largest purchase decision you'll ever make. Listening to the builder, the real estate agents, has you fighting with emotion and stress. A professional from Safeguard Home Inspections will reduce the risk for your investment. Safeguard Home Inspections will help learn about the quality of your new home, before the signing of the contract.

The construction of a new home is extremely complex. The contractor deals with many people, that are subcontractor groups,  all getting the contract by being the "LOWEST BIDDER", and every subcontractor has different work to do on the house. Most of the workers that build homes are not Union members or trade apprenticed. 

Even the best builders miss something. It can be a plumbing pipe that was not tested for leaks, or an electrical unit that isn't working, or plenty of other items that can be overlooked by the builder. This can be a health and safety issue, or subject you to great expense to correct when you sell your home. Safeguard Home Inspections will look for such problems so that you can bring them up with the builder and have them corrected before signing contract.

Once you tell the builder that you want your own professional home inspector as an independent third party to do a home inspection. If he will not allow that, you should have reason for concern. You should have a professional Home Inspection done before your one year builder's warranty is up. For the small cost a professional inspection of your home, this can give you peace of mind.   

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