Staten Island inspection

This health and safety hazard was found in a home in Brooklyn, NY. This is one of the many reasons why you should get a Home Inspection before putting it in the market for sale. By doing this, you can get the most value for your home, and at times it can SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Is this Asbestos?

As the inspector for Safeguard was doing the Home Inspection in Brooklyn, New York,this is what he found in between walls. This is insulation that was used at one time to cover pipes.

Lead water main

Lead water main found during a Home inspection in Brooklyn, New York.

This water main is as old as the house 1943.

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As I'm doing the home inspection in Staten Island, I noticed some cones for termites, and i wrote it on my report. The buyer said to me "That means there is no termites" I explained to the buyer the  that just because you see the cones, does not mean it is termite free.




Cracked tub strainer in Brooklyn


Why duct tape?

Duct tape does wonders! You can use it for just about every thing. But wait a second why use duct tape to cap this sewer line, when you can use a sewer plug/cap. Ok i can't see under the tape, so it could be that the hub is cracked, and they can't put a cap; Well that might create a problem, if the tape gets wet or comes off.